Gangstashiba White Paper

the new boss in town, token with a story

Who is Gangstashiba?

Hey there, I'm Gangstashiba, the token with a story. Word on the street is that I am here to reshape the Meme space landscape, but really, I am here to take over and be the boss!
I will be bringing my friends as well. Big friends, with cool tokenomics.
And guess what? You can join the crew as well!
My friend, when I rise to the top of the solidity pile I promise you, I will remain there for many years.
I know you are tired of the same old tokens that promise big things and don't deliver, of dirty gross rug pullers and sexy honey pots that in the end leave you destitute.
It is time for revolutionary ideas and bad-ass tokenomics, not copy paste cowboys.
Me and my friends don't quit, and our goals are as big as our hearts, we are pretty smart as well.
I want to tell you everything, but I won't, it's exciting and a whole story that you'll just have to invest the time to watch it unpack; in a way no-one will see coming and well in the hood, we all have secrets, and we need to protect them as we take over.
I know you're excited, my whole Crew is excited to take over the meme space, the Meme Revolution has started, it's time to pick a side.
Last modified 1yr ago